How the Auction Works

Each month we hold a weekly auction for old, rare and collectable bottles of whisky.

Every auction lasts for one week starting on the last Wednesday of every month at 8 pm GMT and ending at 8pm GMT the followiing Wednesday

How it works

Buyers Fees

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£3 registration - One-Off Payment

15% of final selling price

Payment Options - For Buyers

  • Worldpay - a surcharge of 3% will be applied to the final invoice
  • Debit Card (Telephone), Cash - no surcharge UK Only
  • BACS / Bank Transfer - no surcharge. (Any none UK transfer costs must be paid by the buyer )

VAT is chargeable on commissions and fees where applicable, but not to the hammer price

Delivery and insurance charges
(if required) - Buyers are welcome to collect their items in which case there will be no delivery or insurance charges payable.

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At any time during the auction anyone can register and place a bid. To ensure that bids are only placed by people who are genuinely interested in buying we ask for a one-off registration fee of £3. Once you have registered and paid your registration fee you will be able to bid on as many items (or 'lots') as you like

Sellers Fees

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£3 administration - Per Lot

£5 reserve fee - Per Lot

5% of final selling price

Payment Options - For Sellers

Sellers fees are deducted from the final selling price. If the item does not sell we will invoice you for the listing fees only.

Shipping Bottles

(if required) you can ship the bottles directly to us.

For sellers in the UK we can assist with a collection service via our couriers, prices for which start at £15 + VAT within the mainland please see packing guide at the bottom of this page, as this will have to be undertaken by the sender,

We also offer free collections and no obligation home valuations within certain parts of the UK, and for any sizeable collections of higher value.

Miniature Bottles

Our Dedicated Miniature Auction

Here at Whisky Online Auctions we offer dedicated miniature auctions every 6 - 8 weeks. This gives you as a seller the best possible buying audience of miniature collectors. Often lost in larger mixed sales; miniatures benefit from being given more thorough attention in one of our specialist auctions. This allows greater attention to detail specific to the miniatures themselves and the buyers who seek them.

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