June Auction Highlights

So we’re halfway through the year and we’ve got another consistent and refreshing auction lined up. Diving straight in we’ve got two full casks of 1993 Macallan that are currently held in bond. With Macallan continuing to grow at a rapid pace and the fact their coming to the end of building a new distillery with an astonishing 36 stills, it’s obvious they see demand outstripping supply. This appearance here at Whisky Online Auctions is a great opportunity to obtain liquid from the original Macallan distillery that is believed to be closing and made silent in the near future!

From the 1950s there’s a beautiful old bottle of Jameson’s Three Star which was distilled at the original Bow St Distillery in Dublin and a very obscure unblended NAS Glenlivet which amusingly mentions it’s ‘The Only Genuine Glenlivet Whisky’.

Jumping to the 1970s and you won’t be disappointed; You’ll find a 12-year-old dumpy Glendronach, the 8-year-old tall bottle variation. Two unusual Ord, a fruit bomb of a 12-year-old and a young 5 year old for the Italian market. Elsewhere from the 1970s, there’s a 105 proof Glenfarclas 8-year-old, 10-year-old Tormore & Tomatin. 12 years old we have the classic diamond shaped Oban, the uncommon Dalmore and a very clean Glen Elgin.

The 1980s is very similar with several dumpy 12-year-old Glendronach and again the tall 8-year-olds. Three brown dumpy 12-year-old Bowmore including a 1 litre, two Glenury Royal 12 year old that hardly ever turn up in auction anymore. Others worth a mention are an alluringly dark Dalwhinnie 15-year-old, 12-year-old Dalmore and the Classic Balvenie.

Rare Malts is represented well in this sale and highlighting the lot is a 1972 Brora, we haven’t had this variation at 61.1% since early 2015 so it will be interesting to see how it compares to the other 4 variations in the current market. Beside this, there’s a 1972 Clynelish bottled at 58.95% that we’ve never even had before. Additionally, for Rare Malts, many of which are from closed distilleries include a Glenlochy 1969, a 1970 & 1971 Hillside, Glenury Royal 1970, Millburn 1975 and finally several from 1979 such as Glen Mhor, Coleburn, St Magdalene and Rosebank.

There’s an influx of Single Cask Glendronach appearing in our June auction. Many consist of UK Exclusive releases ranging from 18 year old up to 24 year old. Batch releases include a 1972 41-year-old from batch 9, a couple of 24-year-olds from batch 11, 21-year-old & 23-year-olds from batch 9, 10, 13. Not forgetting a full batch of 14 and the latest 25-year-old Grandeur.

It’s nice to see an array of Special Releases in this sale. From 2002 there’s a 1966 36-year-old Dalwhinnie, a 30-year-old Glen Ord from 2005, Glenury Royal 36-year-old from 2007, Talisker 30 year old from 2011, 35 year old from 2012 and two 35-year-old Brora from 2013 & 2013.

Whiskies with age behind them include a wonderful 1979 Auchentoshan matured in an Oloroso sherry cask for 32 years. Two 30-year-old Laphroaig, numerous Single Cask Benriach ranging from 27 year old – 40 year old. For the first time we see the 1966 40-year-old Dalmore and a 1967 45-year-old Ben Nevis. From Balblair we have one of their great releases from 2004, the 1966 38-year-old and the 1969 31 year old that hardly ever appears in auction. Last but no means least a 1963 Glenfiddich exclusively bottled for Scotland.

A few more that are well worth a mention involve a Macallan 1938 Fine & Rare, two Black Bowmore with great filling levels, an undisclosed pure single malt scotch whisky distilled in 1961 and a hugely desirable 1966 Laphroaig by Cadenhead. Finally, we have a whole host of Managers Drams ranging from early releases such as Oban & Glen Elgin to more modern releases like Talisker. Oh and a very obscure Frigate rum bottled by John Walker & Son Ltd Sydney.

As always all bottles will start off at £10 with no set reserves meaning every bid is a potential winning bid.

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All the best from all of us here at Whisky Online Auctions.


June Auction Highlights


May 2017 – Auction Results

Our latest auction saw a whole raft of impressive prices across the upper end of the sale. The Macallan 55 Year Old Lalique 2nd edition topped things off at an impressive £33,000. Not quite the first edition for £65,210 from a couple of months ago but still a hefty result. These five figure results are starting to get more and more common these days. Interestingly enough this bottling sold for £25,100 in July last year, so that’s an increase of £7900 in just 11 months – where these old Macallans are going and when they’ll start to slow down is anyone’s guess.

May Auction Records 2017Next up the Bowmore 1964 for Oddbins topped out at £11,100, a new record for this amazing bottling. While the 1955 40-year-old hit an impressive £6200. It wasn’t long ago these struggled to sell for £3000-4000, anyone that’s been lucky enough to taste this one knows what an utterly incredible whisky it is and shouldn’t be surprised at the increased demand there is for it these days.

Speaking of incredible liquid the Clynelish Royal Marine Hotel showed with a hammer price of £5100 that even with a slightly low level and a squiffy label, the greatest whiskies will still command serious competition. Its highly unlikely we’ll see another one of these anytime soon. Elsewhere at the top of the sale, Bowmore was a name that kept popping up time and again. The 1966 sherry cask for £3000 (£1500 would have got you one until quite recently), the 25-year-old Chateau Lagrange for £3600, the 1965 sherry cask for £2900 and the amazing 1956 for £2600. These impressive prices suggest there was some kind of Bowmore feeding frenzy happening last night.

Other interesting results in the top end of the sale were the latest Syndicate Lagavulin, a 1979 38-year-old this time and the oldest example of Lagavulin ever bottled, hit a not too surprising £2050. You wonder how much longer they can keep drip feeding these casks out for, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t manage a 40-year-old Lagavulin in a couple of years time. Also, rather notably, the Oban 1969 32-year-old Special Releases bottling nudged past the four figure mark at £1050 for the first time, nice to see this great bottling starting to gain serious appreciation. Otherwise, the rest of the upper end of the sale was very much dominated by the usual mix of Bowmore, Macallan and some Japanese bottlings – all fetching either typical or remarkable prices.

Moving further down it was nice to see the Ardbeg Mor 1st edition back up around the £950 mark again after a period of sitting around the £600-800 range. Similarly, the Macallan Exceptional Cask series seems to be permanently trading around the £900 mark now with cask 4063 hitting £925. Similarly, the Macallan Travel Series is now trading at the £650 mark, another set that could have been picked up for under £200 not so long ago.

The Chivas Regal Steeplechasing at Aintree ceramic limited edition hit a healthy £625 showing that there is still no shortage of serious Chivas Regal collectors out there. It’s also nice to see a bottling like the Scapa 1980 25-year-old finally begin to appreciate with a hammer price of £460. One curious result was the Clynelish 1989 by Thosop which fetched a whopping £410, two people missing a bottle in their collection perhaps?

One bottling that still looks cheap is the Millburn 1969 35-year-old Rare Malts, one of the truly great drams in this series and still only selling at the £370 mark, this is one worth snapping up in our book. Another good price for a drinker was the Springbank 12-year-old ceramic 1970s bottling for £175. Although, conversely, it was interesting to see other old 1970s proprietary bottlings such as the Tormore 10-year-old and the Bowmore 1988 Garden Festival 10-year-old fetch £180 and £170 respectively. These are whiskies which were under the £100 mark until quite recently.

By and large though once again it is a story of few bargains and broad consistency of prices and values. There were a few surprises around the £100 mark, most notably the rare Bowmore water jugs which fetched £105 a piece – never underestimate a memorabilia collector it seems. We’ve also noticed that the old 1990s ‘map’ label Talisker 10-year-olds are pretty much permanently above the £100 mark now. Understandable when you taste them, many of these older batches are just terrific.

Strangely there didn’t seem to be too many bargains under the £100 mark in this sale either. Whether this bodes poorly in the long term for bargain hunters and drinkers or whether it is just a seasonal anomaly remains to be seen. What’s certain though, is that whisky auctioneering remains a seller’s market for the time being. Until next time…


may Auction Highlights


May Auction Highlights

Our May Whisky Auction is Now Live!

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Wayne & Harrison sadly never made it to the Islay Festival this year but instead have been busy pounding the road uncovering whiskies from another era. You may have realised over the past couple of sales we have been auctioning a mesmerising whisky collection. Our March auction featured their Macallan collection showcased by The Macallan 50-year-old Lalique whilst our April auction displayed the likes of the Dalmore 50-year-old, Glenfiddich 50-year-old and Springbank Millennium Collection. This month see’s a multitude of mouth-watering Bowmore from the spellbinding 1955 40-year-old and 1957 38-year-old to the mind-blowing 1964 35-year-old for Oddbins; this one actually sums up the term legendary that seems to be used very freely these days. 1964 is the pinnacle year for Bowmore and this particular expression from a single Sherry Hogshead is widely regarded as the best of them all. The sad thing is there’s not many of these about due to their incredibly inviting retail price back in 2000 and the fact only 99 bottles were produced.


Bowmore 1964-2000 - 35 Year Old - Oddbins Exclusive - 99 Bottles
Bowmore 1964-2000 – 35 Year Old
Bowmore 1955-1995 - 40 Year Old
Bowmore 1955-1995 – 40 Year Old


Other bonafide Bowmore’s include the 1963 30-year-old, 1968 37-year-old and the 1972 27-year-old. We have a great selection of the Sherry Cask Vintage Labels such as a 1956, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 & 1974. You will also find the incredibly precious 25-year-old bottled specially for the Auld Alliance reception at Chateau Lagrange in 1995. These were never sold but instead given to guests at the event. Only 75 bottles were produced with many of them now being consumed. Other old Bowmore to look out for are several 30-year-old Sea Dragons, 25 & 22-year-old Seagulls and two examples of the golfing decanters from the 1980s.

You will also find some more modern Bowmore specially bottled for the Islay festival that includes the 25-year-old for 2010, 1985 for 2012, the 1988 for 2013, the 1988 for 2015 and the 1990 for Festival 2016. There’s also a 1983 27-year-old and 1984 28-year-old from the No1 Vaults to name but a few from this wonderful distillery.

Macallan 55 Year Old - Lalique Decanter - Second Release
Macallan 55 Year Old – Lalique Decanter – Second Release

We have the very desirable and beautiful Macallan 55-year-old in Lalique. Bottled in 2007 as part of Macallan’s prestigious ongoing calibration with Lalique, this is the second release and like it’s predecessor the packaging compliments the craft of both Macallan & Lalique. The Whisky itself contains stock significantly older than the stated 55 years and represents the very best of long aged Macallan, a depth of flavour, complexity and integration between wood and distillery character that very few spirits ever achieve. With only 420 decanters released worldwide, this is a great opportunity to acquire one of the greatest Macallan’s of all time.

Moving on and you may remember the extremely ‘rare’ 14-year-old Clynelish we auctioned early this year, well it’s back except this time it’s in the green glass variation. This is exactly the same liquid bottled by the Royal Marine Hotel Brora. As before the label interestingly mentions It’s ‘A Fine Old Brora Whisky’ and Not Less Than 92 proof. We believe this would have been bottled in 1969 making this a 1955 distillate. This is a truly extraordinary piece of liquid history and marks it’s second appearance here at Whisky Online.

This month’s auction see a plethora of whiskies that are well aged and well worth a mention! Starting in the fifties you will find a 1955 Macallan bottled by Campbell Hope & King, a 1958 47-year-old single cask Glenfiddich, two 1959 46-year-olds and two 1959 34-year-olds Single Malt Irish Whiskies from the Coleraine distillery.

Onto the sixties, we have an extremely dark and alluring 1960 Glenfarclas and a 1961bottled in the 1980s. Jumping up to 1965 and we have a 35-year-old from closed distillery Glen Mhor. 1966 is represented by a 42-year-old Benriach whilst 1967 see’s a 35-year-old Macduff by Douglas Laing and an official Glenlivet and 40-year-old Tomatin. For the first time since 2015, we welcome back the 1967 40-year-old Balvenie from cask 9915 which was specially selected for World Duty-Free and the opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 in 2008. This was one of the few remaining casks from the 1960s which only yielded 109 bottles. There are several examples from Jim McEwans Celtic Heartlands including Highland Park, Macallan & Bowmore. This series represents long aged whiskies from all regions of Scotland that were bottled on Islay at the Bruichladdich distillery. Finishing with 1969 we have a 32-year-old Oban a 36-year-old Kinclaith and a 40-year-old Glengoyne.

Through the seventies, we have one of several magical Brora’s bottled by Douglas Laing. Douglas Laing has been bottling Brora since the late 1990s and this 34-year-old is one of only two ever to be bottled from a 1970 cask full stop. As we carry on we have a couple of single cask Glendronach, as well as Glenfiddich’s. Other early vintages are a 1972 32-year-old Tobermory and a 1974 Isle Of Jura. Murray McDavid is represented by a 1973 Linkwood, 1976 Strathisla and a 1979 Lagavulin. Talking of Lagavulin we have the latest bottling from The Syndicate, a 38-year-old single cask which from our knowledge is the oldest Lagavulin ever to be bottled! Not forgetting we have the 5th and final Lagavulin 13-year-old from this particular vendor who has authority over the majority of all The Syndicate bottlings.

I think we will end there although there’s still plenty of great whiskies we haven’t even mentioned. Who said May is a bad time to sell whisky!

As always all bottles will start off at £10 with no set reserves meaning every bid is a potential winning bid.

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All the best from all of us here at Whisky Online Auctions.


Bowmore - Auction Highlights