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Each month we aim to uncover rare, old & obscure whiskies and our first auction of 2017 is no exception! We have a variety of exceptional whiskies that we haven’t auctioned for quite some time along with some exciting relics we haven’t auctioned before.

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Starting with the 1960s because that’s where some of our favourite bottlings are from in this auction. We have an extremely rare 14 year old Clynelish bottled by the Royal Marine Hotel Brora. The label interestingly mentions it’s A Fine Old Brora Whisky and Not Less than 92 proof. We believe this would have been bottled in 1969 making this a 1955 distillate. This is a truly extraordinary piece of liquid history and marks its first appearance in a UK online auction. Followed by a none-sherried Macallan from 1950s distillate; if it’s to be compared to similar expressions under the AS WE GET IT label then you’re in for a treat.

Other examples from the 1960s are a Milton-Duff 13-year-old, Miltonduff-Glenlivet 20-year-old bottled by Forth Wines and one of the hard to find 8-year-old Cardhu’s released in 1968.

Moving on to the 1970s, you will find a dumpy 12-year-old Highland Park along with a dumpy 12-year-old Glendronach. An immaculate 10-year-old Tormore that’s often overlooked and the likes of a 10-year-old Tullibardine & Bruichladdich to name but a few.

The 1980s brings us the legendary sherry matured Caol Ila 12-year-old by James MacArthur, an imported Mortlach 12-year-old from the USA and other excellent drams including a White Horse Lagavulin, 12-year-old Springbank and a dumpy Glenfarclas 25-year-old.

In the mid to high range of this sale, you will find 25 & 30-year-old Brora’s from the Special Annual Releases. The 1968 Auld Acquaintance from Bunnahabhain and a long overdue appearance for the 1963 from the mid-1990s. Those who are into their heavily sherried whiskies we have a very limited 1966 Glenrothes drawn from a single first fill sherry cask in 2002, a 1966 Glenfarclas from their Family Casks and a single cask Glendronach from 1971.

For Glenfiddich fans, we have some older official single casks from 1968, 1974 and 1975. The Port Ellen 1st annual release is back again along with the much rarer and harder to find 1981 from the 2008 Islay Festival.

For the first time since 2015, we welcome back the Highland Park 1958 40-year-old, this bottling is now starting to get particularly hard to find and it’s a remarkable and truly beautiful whisky that wears it’s age very gracefully…… Another new appearance for Highland Park is the King Christian I; released in February 2016 the Highland Park King Christian I is part of the Warrior series and was available exclusively through global travel retail. The whisky itself is matured in a combination of refill butts and hogsheads of exceptional age.

1964 Bowmore Trilogy.

Of course one of the main highlights of this sale is the infamous 1964 Bowmore Trilogy. Consisting of the 42-year-old Black Bowmore, the 43-year-old White Bowmore and finally the 44-year-old Gold Bowmore. This final trilogy in the series is very rarely seen together in one auction and as far as we are aware is not available to buy at the same time anywhere in the world!

From the independent bottlers, we have a Springbank Cadenhead dumpy 30-year-old from 1950 which we haven’t seen since 2014. A Springbank 1965 by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society matured in an Oloroso sherry cask. From Berry Bros, we have a Talisker 1959 and by G&M we have two 100 proofs from 1964 & 1967.


1 Case Of 12 Macallan Private Eye

It’s no surprise with the growth in the secondary market we have an abundance of Macallan. First off and for the first time in auction history, we have a full case of 12 Private Eye in their original outer case. The case was purchased upon release by a member of staff and has been stored unopened until we received them recently. This is a great opportunity to acquire 12 immaculate bottles with untouched provenance. For the first time in nearly 3 years discover the 51-year-old 1948 Select Reserve. This is one of the all-time great Macallan’s and is considered in the same league as the 1949 millennium and many of the greatest Fine & Rare releases. Under their 25-year-old Anniversary Malt series, we have vintages from 1957, 1958/59, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1975 along with several non-vintages. Under their 18-year-olds there’s a 1966, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981 and a hand full of 1990s.

All in all, this is a very diverse and interesting sale with many more great bottles on offer, so be sure to check the whole auction.

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We wish you all the best for 2017 and hope to uncover many more exciting new whiskies for you throughout this year. From all of us here at Whisky Online Auctions.


Whisky-Online Auctions to Exhibit at The Whisky Show – Old & Rare

An exciting two-day whisky experience with some of the world’s leading whisky brands, collectors & auctioneers. The event will be held at The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow on 18th – 19th February 2017. Tickets are £100 with £50 to be spent on drams of your choice.

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Our whisky specialist Wayne & Harrison Ormerod will be attending the show along with veteran drinks writer Tim Forbes. Together we have carefully selected and put together a selection of whiskies that aren’t readily available and of course whiskies that not everyone has tried before.

Our preliminary line-up consists of the legendary Bowmore Largiemeanoch 1967; regarded as one of the best Bowmore’s ever bottled. A sublime whisky presented in a simple bottle with a hand written label. A whisky that actually reflects the liquid inside and not overshadowed by its presentation. Aged for 12 years in what must be the finest sherry casks imaginable; it also goes to show it’s not all about age. Imagine all those intense tropical fruits and complex peat with layer upon layer of dense, fruity, coastal and earthy sherry notes. This is just a pure masterpiece.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.21.05

You will also have the opportunity to sample a 40-year-old Brora. The oldest official expression bottled to date and from one of the very last casks of 1972. Malt Maniac Serge Valentin of whiskyfun.com and guest at the show scored this a massive 98/100; one of the highest he’s ever scored a whisky.

Other notable drams are a 1955 Highland Park bottled at 54.6% by Gordon & MacPhail under their CASK series. A very obscure 1961 Highland Park by R.W Duthie for Broadwell Vinters, Wine & Spirit Merchant and finally one Wayne & Harrison have been wanting to open for some time is a Dell Fines 20-year-old Springbank from the 1980s. There’s not much information about this expression but it’s most likely distilled around the same time as the legendary Local Barley’s.

We will have many more obscurities that will be on offer starting for as little as £2 per dram. If you are able to attend this ultimate event be sure to come and say hello.

The Whisky Show Tickets

If you are looking to consign any whiskies you may have for sale we will be more than happy to accept these at the show. Please email auctions@whisky-online.com beforehand.


Extended Christmas Auction – Results

First and foremost: happy new year from all of us at Whisky Online Auctions. Judging from the latest auction results things seem a little more settled in the world of whisky auctioneering than they did for the last few crazy months of 2016. Although, in terms of impressive results this auction certainly wasn’t lacking. For the first time in quite a while Dalmore was the star of this auction. The legendary official 50-year-old was the top bottle with an impressive new record of £14,300, closely followed by a unique bottling of Dalmore 50-year-old for the 2003 Habanos Festival which fetched an impressive £12,900. Not so long ago 50-year-old Dalmore’s could be picked up for under half these prices. And while we might snigger at the questionable Constellation Collections and other such series – the serious, older Dalmore’s remain the stuff of legend and potent performers on the secondary market.

Whisky Auction Results

It was pleasing to see another 50-year-old perform strongly as the Highland Park 1960 50-year-old hit £11,600. Similarly the Port Ellen 12 year old for the Queen’s Visit in 1980 performed extremely well again when it got close to its original record from last year with a final hammer price of £11,200. The level on this example wasn’t as good as the last one we sold so it is understandable that the price was a little lower but it still goes to show what serious desire to possess the liquid can do for a bottle. This remains the only bottling with a score of 99/100 on Whiskyfun and looks set to remain at this price level and above pretty permanently.

Another impressive result was the Springbank Millennium set which sold for £11,100. Not so long ago this set was £4000-5000. Once again an example of a maturing and increasingly complex and discerning secondary market with more and more buyers directing their money at these top-end, premium releases.

You wouldn’t expect to be mentioning a distillery like Aberfeldy in the upper echelons of an auction but a special edition 1985 28-year-old Aberfeldy, with only 10 bottles in existence, sold for a remarkable £10,300. Quite an achievement for a distillery rarely seen above the £300 mark at auction. I suspect it’ll be a while before we see another one of these bottles though.


The story of the rest of the upper end of the sale is largely one of consistency with a few notably impressive results strewn throughout. The 1969 Samaroli Glen Grant hit a mighty high of £2600 – helped I suspect by being in tip top condition with a great filling level. Similarly the Bruichladdich 40-year-old at £2500 shows this bottle finally gathering some traction. Another rare old Gordon & MacPhail 1958 100 proof Macallan did well even despite a low filling level when it finished up at £2100. Again, quality and rarity of liquid are powerful motivators.

Then of course there was our old friend: the Speyburn Flora & Fauna 12-year-old. A hammer price of £1800 shows desire for this mighty whisky remains undimmed – still cheap some might say. Another notable result was the Talisker 1967 100 proof from Gordon & MacPhail. There have been quite a few of these beautiful old Taliskers showing up at auction recently and they always perform well – understandable considering their mighty reputation. Given the rarity of this expression and the filling level the price is understandable.

A bottle of K-Club 16-year-old Irish ‘whisky’ bottled around 1940 hit an impressive price of £1250 despite a low filling level. There are more and more collectors for Irish Whiskies out there these days and their performance at auctions is only increasing. Similarly interest in Glenfarclas goes from strength to strength, I wouldn’t have believed ever a few months ago that a bottle of the 43-year-old Cognac casks bottling would have hit £1050 but there you go. Other impressive results for Glenfarclas were 8-year-old 105 proofs at £550 and £625 respectively.

A J J Mortier 1848 Cognac for £725 seems like a bit of bargain considering the historic nature of the liquid, but that’s the only ‘bargain’ I can find in the mid-upper levels of the sale. On the wholesome Ardbeg’s showed signs of cooling off a little, Laphroaigs and Lagavulins were ‘steady’, while Highland Park’s, Auchentoshan, Bowmore’s and Springbank’s all showed very well.

Other good results from a buyers/drinkers perspective were the Timorous Beastie 40-year-old – back down to £175 after a brief couple of months around the £250-300 mark. And the old ‘green glass’ circa 1990 Talisker 10-year-old still look like excellent value around the £130-160 mark. Also, for the Port drinker, a Warres and a Dow’s 1963 at £82.50 and £75 respectively looks like a very tasty little result.

By and large though the story of the lower end of the sale is one of consistency with the usual scattering of very impressive results and a small amount of bargains to boot. The overall profile of this sale looks more in keeping the sort of sales we were seeing around the middle of last year. Prices have settled a little for some bottles but continue to rise almost aggressively for others and for the truly great drams, the sky still seems to be the limit. So, a healthy start to the year with good encouragement for sellers and a little relief for those of us who prefer to buy and have been somewhat priced out of the market by a weak pound recently.

Until next time…

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