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Welcome everyone to our October sale. Old obscure bottles that have never been to auction before or at least for a long time is our motto. This month’s auction sees for the first time an incomparable 12-year-old Springbank matured in sherry wood. Bottled around 30 years ago this dark beast has a concentrated sherry appearance! The pleasure of tasting a rarity such as this can only make you imagine the deep intense flavours this bad boy will have to offer. I assume these were bottled in small batches and would have been sat on the shelves for around £20 and as a result they were getting consumed as a daily dram without a second thought of its monetary value and therefore you bernever see them on the open market today.

Auction Highlights

Another remarkable sherry beast is the Bowmore 1967 Largiemeanoch, in any other scenario this is an incredibly hard bottle to find and only a hand full have ever surfaced; such as the two examples we auctioned this year. Like the Springbank, this would have been ridiculously inexpensive and with the simplicity of the hand written label and see-through plastic seal the majority were consumed. A legend in its own right and possibly the last time we could ever have the pleasure to auction such a masterpiece.

The powerhouse in this sale and heading our auction for the second time this year is the magnificent Dalmore Candela 50-year-old. A vatting composed of whisky distilled in 1868, 1878, 1909, 1922, 1939 and 1951. The stock used is inspirational and from a bygone era. They have been uniquely fused together by the Master Distiller to create a powerful and fulfilling whisky. Only 77 crystal decanters were ever produced.

Also from Dalmore, we have four expressions from the Constellation Collection. The full Constellation Collection consists of 21 single casks ranging from 1964 through to 1992. We have examples from 1976, 1980, 1989 & 1992 all are presented in hand-blown decanters with solid silver collars etched with their cask numbers and bottle numbers.

Our September sale has a mob of impressive good aged single malts with solidity. You will find the likes of 1957, 1958, 1959, 1965 and 1967 Glenfarclas from The Family Cask series. From Glendronach single casks you will find a 37, 38, 39 & 43-year-old including  two 33-year-olds, a first release 31-year-old Grandeur and for any Donald Trump fans we have the 26-year-old for Trump International Golf Links.

Longmorn is represented in fine fashion with a fresh sherry hogshead 1964 by Gordon & MacPhail for their Private Collection, two 1968 38-year-olds for the Whisky Magazine & SMWS and a couple more of the 1969 by Berry Bros.

For the first time, we have a 1974 single cask Ardbeg bottled in 2002 for Oddbins, only 126 bottles were yielded from cask 3475 at a natural strength of 44.5%. Also from Islay and a long overdue return is the official Bowmore 1968 32-year-old and at the same time a warm welcome for the 1968 37-year-old by Duncan Taylor.

Elsewhere for classic vintages we have a 1963 Glenfiddich & Glenmorangie, a 1964 & 1966 Aberlour, 1972 Tobermory & Glenrothes, a 1973 30-year-old Linlithgow bottled in 2004 and a 1985 21-year-old Lagavulin bottled in 2007 for Diageo’s special releases. In the mix, you will also find a Balvenie Tun 1401. Batch 1 is a combination of six casks comprising of a 1966, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1978 & 1988 from a mixture of traditional oak casks and two Sherry butts. This is a limited release with only 336 bottles available from the Distillery at the time of release.

Macallan is strong in this sale with many great long lost expressions like the 1950 hand written label, 1957 Anniversary Malt, a 1958 bottled in the 1970s by Campbell Hope & King and a super scares 1961 bottled by Gordon & MacPhail at 100 proof. There’s also many official vintage releases such as 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967

1940s through to the 1980s there is three lovely examples of Black & White, several variations of Teachers Highland Cream and an unusual 2 litre Dewars. Single Malts we have a Cardhu 8-year-old, an 8 & 9-year-old Aberlour, a dumpy Redbreast 12-year-old and another dumpy 8-year-old Glendronach bottled at 45.7%. Ainslie & Heliborn 12-year-old Clynelish and two great examples of the 105 Glenfarclas.

All in all, this is a jam-packed sale full of quality liquid. So whether you’re looking to fill a gap in your collection or simply stocking up your drinks cabinet ready for the festive season we are sure there is something for everyone right across the board.

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As always good luck and happy bidding from all of us here at Whisky-Online Auctions


September Auction Results

Last night saw another impressive slew of results and the continuation of the effects of a weak pound as buyers gatecrash the UK auction scene looking to scoop up bargains. The irony being there were very few bargains to be had at all.

First up we find ourselves talking – yet again – about the 1967 Largiemeanoch. After its previous record result here at Whisky Online in June of £8200, I didn’t think this bottle would be likely to appear again so soon. The fact that it jumped to such a dizzying new high of £10,200 and broke the five figure mark for the first time says a lot about just how insanely desirable this whisky has become and about the sheer force of the market these days. What will the next one fetch? Who knows, but this is new territory for these old legendary bottles, suddenly the days when it would sell for £2000-3000 a couple of years back seem a long long time ago. It also makes you wonder what similarly regarded bottles such as the Laphroaig 1967 Samaroli or the Port Ellen London Scottish James MacArthur would fetch were they to turn up again now…

Brora 40 year old

Elsewhere at the top of the sale the Brora 40 year old saw auction for the first time and fetched an impressive £7100. By the time you include commission and VAT that’s some way above its current retail price where you can still find it in some airports. The Royal Brackla 60 year old looks to have settled into a new trading level at £6200 and the Brora 1972 Rare Malts continues to impress with another hefty result at £4900.

The Macallan 1945 Campbell, Hope & King is a bottle that very rarely sees auction these days. It’s the first in what has now become an iconic series by that great, sadly defunct Elgin bottler. So it was good to see it perform impressively with a final hammer price of £4900. The other upper end Macallans all enjoyed strong performances this month with the latter day Anniversary Malts all falling just shy to the £2000 mark – impressive considering how these traded for £700-900 not so long ago.

The Signatory Ardbeg 1967 fetched £1850 further cementing the high desirability of these great old single casks by Signatory. On the flip side of that the Bowmore 1971 OB fetched £1650 showing the continuing strength of the demand for the liquid from these pinnacle era Islay distilleries.

Sotch Whisky Auction
The Glenfiddich Special from the 1950s fetched £1550 despite its loss of level was a good barometer of how collectable and desirable the Glenfiddich name remains. And also how rare the pre-1963 distillery bottlings are. Working our way down the auction there were plenty of strong results: the Highland Park Ambassador’s 34 year old hit a healthy £900, the Lagavulin 25 year old finished up at £800 and the Glen Garioch 1967 for Oddbins – scarce bottles these days – hit a solid £775. Demand for Brora doesn’t just stop after 1974 either, the 1981 Douglas Laing Old & Rare hit an impressive £750.Other notable results from throughout the sale were the Old Weller 7 year old at £675, the old Tamdhu 17 year old at £650, the Glenmorangie Culloden 1971 up at an impressive £575 and the Port Ellen Scottish Wildlife up to £525.

The new Ardbeg 21 year olds all finished up not too far above their initial retail price at £360-400. I suspect the seller’s might view that as a slight disappointment but it is perhaps a sign of market maturity and patience when it comes to these new Ardbeg releases. Despite the obvious heightened desirability of this new age statement release, perhaps buyers are biding their time for the inevitable high supply and slight cooling off that will follow in future auctions.

In the lower to mid-range there were some other solid results. The Old Pulteney 1974 Highland Selection fetched £300 showing that this series is starting to garner some overdue appreciation and the Bowmore 1993 TWE Masterpieces fetched £310. Drinkers have long been aware of just how incredible some of these 1993 Bowmores can be and this seems to suggest the broader market awareness is catching up.

The Macallan As We Get It bottled around 1980 fetched £290, which seems slightly low in comparison to how strongly this series has performed recently. Although that may be due to the fact it is a paler batch and colour is still king with many new buyers it seems. The Glendronach 8 year old Ruffino also seemed like a bit of a bargain at £225 considering the quality of the liquid. On the flip side the Lagavulin 16 year old White Horse 75cl versions from the late 1980s finally seem to be getting the recognition they deserve for just how incredible these bottlings are, one without a box fetched £225 last night. I suspect it won’t be long before these are over £300 every day of the week.

Glancing over the rest of the sale it seems there were few bargains this time, apart from a Longrow 1990 SMWS 114.3 for £87.50 and a few early 1990s Laphroaigs for drinkable prices there don’t seem to be too many anomalies. Much in keeping with last month where prices were strong across the board. It seems with everyone piling in trying to get bargains off the back of a weak pound it means little or no bargains to be found. A seller’s market indeed.