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Putting together this months sale has been quite a challenge, whether it’s because the bottles have been scattered all over the country, or just the sheer heat beaming through the van windscreen or leaving customers houses at midnight. regardless we’ve had a laugh along the way, and not forgetting the pleasure of meeting great people in the process.
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Before we start, a quick note for those who use their mobile phone or tablets we have just launched an app. Download it for free on Android and iOS.

So let’s kick start with two exceptional bottling from 1955 starting with a Bowmore 1955 40 year old. In cask this has seen seven different distillery managers. It started life in a Bourbon Hogshead, 20 years later it was transferred to a carefully selected Sherry Butt, it was then left to mature for a further 20 years. The outcome is a pinnacle of its kind. The decanter and wooden presentation both reflect similar care and attention to detail as the liquid itself. Using traditional skills each decanter has been individually blown, hand cut and engraved by the artists of Caithness Glass. Each decanter is individually numbered and has been created to reflect images of the traditional Bowmore bottle. The individual oak presentation case has been hand made by the Master Cabinet Makers of Charles Kirkby & sons. These skills combined are the result of a pure pedigree.

Over at Speyside we have a 1955 Glenfarclas 50 year old specially bottled for the bicentenary of John Grant’s birth. With only 110 bottles worldwide and with many been consumed this has become the hardest and rarest Glenfarclas to acquire of the modern age.

Talking of 1950s we have a marvellous Glen Grant 10 year old bottled by Moray Bonding in the 1950s. Moray Bonding was a private limited company established in 1947 and like Gordon & MacPhail they held a license to bottle Glen Grant as a single malt on behalf of the Distillery.

Onto the late 1960s/1970s you will find a very elegant Glenfarclas-Glenlivet 8 year old with part screen printed label. An official Talisker 12 year old that was distilled in the 1960s and the legendary Bowmore Bicentenary.

From the 1980s there is a beautiful pale looking 30 year old Springbank distilled in the 1950s which was purchased from Harrods Knightsbridge in 1989 for £145 by the vendor. Two unblended Rosebanks with the three stills one of which is the extremely hard to find 12 year old variation.

Good old aged whiskies feature a Glengoyne 1968 single cask, Glendronach 1975Glendronach  33 year old, Macduff 1967, Macallan 1965, Highland Park 1977, Glen Ord 1975, Glenfarclas 1956 Family Cask – 40 year old Millennium and a Blairfindy 1964 40 year old.

We have a wealth of Connoisseurs Choice including a St Magdalene 1963 and a good batch of SMWS highlighting a Brora 61.9.

Elsewhere we have another batch of Springbank including the 21 year old bottled back in 2005. Rum is in force again by Cadenhead and Closed distillery Caroni.

We will stop here and let you find the rest yourself.

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As always good luck and happy bidding from all of us here at Whisky Online Auctions.


July Whisky auction Highlights


Code of Practice for Whisky Auctions

High Standards For Whisky Auctions

At Whisky-Online Auctions we always strive to give the best possible service to all of our clients, to those who are selling their whisky and to those who are buying whisky. It can be difficult sometimes to act as an agent to both buyers and sellers and as such we need to maintain a high level of integrity in everything that we do.

We believe that everyone deserves the same consideration when they place their trust in us as an online whisky auction house. After all, we do sell very valuable bottles and collections as well as those bottles and collections of lesser value. All owners and would be owners need to know that their interests are being looked after by their Auctioneer/Agent.

We get many questions from all quarters and we do have a frequently asked questions page. However, this does not always reflect what buyers and sellers are looking for when choosing the right auction house to sell and/or buy from. So, we have come up with a checklist of what to look out for, a code of practice for whisky auction websites if you will.

Naturally, because of our high standards, commitment to service and desire to continuously develop our websites we can use our own standards. These standards have been developed over 25 years and often provide the answer to some of the more unusual questions that we get. Below is a list which gives the whisky buyer and seller some guidelines on what to look for and the basis to ask questions of any online whisky auction house.

In our next blog I will outline in more detail how Whisky-Online Auctions meets these basic requirements and often exceeds them.

Whisky Auction Code of Practice

An online whisky auction website should be reliable and capable of handling the auction close efficiently. In the event of any technical problems backup procedures should be in place to ensure that the auction can end without too much disruption.

Sellers should look for;

  1. High percentage (above 98% average) of sales per auction
  2. Fast pay-outs post auction (no excess waiting for payment)
  3. Good hammer prices in the region of or higher than estimates given
  4. Specified conditions to end the auction as soon as possible after the advertised end time.
  5. Experience in old and rare whisky valuations
  6. Accurate valuations for realistic expectations
  7. Public listing of all previous auctions giving access to sales data
  8. Maintain a large worldwide database of buyers
  9. Public listing of all bids (timed and dated) on all lots in all auctions
  10. Commission rates that reflect the level of expertise and service that you would expect

Buyers should look for;

  1. Monitoring systems for Buyers bidding on one or more lots
  2. Regular outbid notifications when the sale is live
  3. Auto bid process that will bid one increment higher than the last bid
  4. Automated systems checking for unusual bidding patterns ensuring fairness
  5. Public listing of all previous auctions giving access to sales data
  6. Public listing of all bids (timed and dated) on all lots in all auctions
  7. Extended bidding to reflect the excitement of an auction house with set conditions to end the auction as soon as possible
  8. Fast checkouts
  9. Fast delivery with several options to choose from
  10. Ability to check postal charges to anywhere in the world before bidding
  11. Insurance available
  12. Commission rates that reflect the level of expertise and service that you would expect

Sellers Commission Now 5%

Here at Whisky-Online Auctions we are the top achieving auction house for record prices when it comes to old, rare and antique bottles. Our new 5% sellers commission structure now makes it even easier and more profitable for sellers to capitalise on our ability to achieve these results. We are proactive in marketing your whisky and our website is designed to maximise interest in all bottles, no other auction house will work as hard for you as we do.

If you are interested in taking advantage of selling with us with our new, low, 5% commission rate you can send us a list of your bottles you are interested in valuing via our online form or call us on 01253 620376 and speak directly to one of our experienced valuers.

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June Auction Results

Our most recent whisky auction was one of the most impressive sales we’ve had so far this year, both in terms of variety and prices achieved.

The obvious star is the Macallan Lalique 55 Year Old Second Edition. The last time this bottle appeared in our auction – just over 2 years ago in January 2014 – it fetched £12,600. Its final hammer price last night was £25,100, just shy of double its previous best. This demonstrates a couple of things. One is the ravenous market appetite for the serious, official, high-end Macallans. If you have these kinds of bottles now might be the time to start thinking about doing something with them. And, secondly, this is one of an increasing number of examples of bottles achieving well past the £20,000 mark at Whisky Online Auctions. We have a firm track record of achieving the highest price for individual bottles at auction in the UK for the past 3 years now – if you’ve got these kinds of bottles you could do a lot worse than sell them where you are guaranteed this kind of result.

Macallan 55 Year Old - Lalique Decanter - Second Release
Macallan 55 Year Old – Lalique Decanter – Second Release

Going down through the rest of the auction there are more impressive results. It is not often that the second highest bottle in an auction is an independent bottling; then again, it is not often that an independent bottler can produce a 50 year old, dark sherried Glenfiddich with an outturn of only 67 bottles. So perhaps its final hammer price of £7000 is not too surprising.

The Macallan 1945 Speymalt and the 1938 official both fetched consistent and comfortably sturdy results at £5100 and £5500 respectively. In comparison with the 55yo Lalique the 68 year old Speymalt from G&M looks like a downright bargain. Both bottles exemplify the continued appetite there is for these super-aged, exceptional releases from the glory days of Macallan.

The Ardbeg Manager’s Choice 1976 hit a new record high of £3200, it’s good to see appetite for this great and legendary bottling climbing back up again after some softer results earlier this year. The two Brora 1972 Rare Malts hit £3100 apiece, a solid result consistent with the huge level of desirability there is for these bottlings currently. Other encouraging results were the Macallan Royal Marriage, at £2500 it was up a little from its usual £1700-1900 selling range. And the Glenfarclas 40 year old Millennium at £2250 was an impressive result considering it wasn’t all that long ago that these were trading around the £700 mark. This seems consistent with a broader strengthening of Glenfarclas prices at auction lately.

Ardbeg managers choice Graph-05-05

One feature of this auction was a broad selection of releases from the elusive and curious Cadenhead ‘White Label’ series. This was a short lived series of bottlings produced for Oddbins by Cadenheads in the early 1990s. There were some quite remarkable whiskies in it which are now exceedingly rare. A face well evidenced by the prices many of them fetched in this auction. £2400 for the 1965 Springbank, £1250 for the 1972 Clynelish, £1150 for the Glenugie 1980. £925 for the Ardbeg 1978. Once again it goes to show that great liquid commands serious prices, old Cadenhead bottlings are seeing stronger demand than ever and a selection like this from a great and collectable series often creates something of a feeding frenzy effect. Something well worth considering in a tactical sense if you have some of these bottlings and are considering selling.


Other strong results that broadly represent the sharpening demand for great liquid are: Clynelish 1972 23 year old Rare Malts for £925, Ardbeg Lord Of The Isles for £775 and Laphroaig 1968 Hart Brothers for £875. Some other notable results were the strong performance of Glenmorangie bottlings in this sale. £1150 for the Concorde bottling is sort of to be expected. But £975 for Truffle Oak, £675 for the 1972 single cask, £675 apiece for the two 30 year olds. These are terrific results for a distillery which was flagging a little at auction not so long ago.

Rum is something we don’t often talk about in these reports, but as a spirit at auction it is increasingly gaining traction and seeing impressive results. Six bottles of the Cadenhead’s Uitvlugt 1974 30 year old sold for between £600-650 each, which goes to show the demand for serious, aged rums at auction these days. Remarkable when you consider how cheap these bottlings were originally.

Looking through the auction there wasn’t too much in the way of bargains this sale. Although an 1865 Cognac for £410 seems like the steal of the century given the immense prices that almost all the good bottles in this sale fetched. Goes to show there’s always something in every sale if you are patient, vigilant and smart. And lucky. Some of the older SMWS bottlings seemed a tad more affordable than usual, although priced were very much dependent on the filling levels. The Glenburgie 1960 Connoisseur’s Choice also seems a great bargain for drinking at £215. But apart from that pretty much everything in this sale hit its true market value and bargains were thin on the ground.

commission-10As of our next auction – beginning July 27th – Whisky Online Auctions will be reducing its seller’s commission to 5%. We are the top achieving auction house for record prices when it comes to old, rare and antique bottles. Our new commission structure now makes it even easier and more profitable for sellers to capitalise on our ability to achieve these results. If you are interested to take advantage of selling with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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