June Whisky Auction Highlights!

June Auction Now Live!

Wayne & Harrison have been busier than ever this month and have a lashing selection of juicy drams in this month’s sale. We pride ourselves on putting together unique sales every month and this one is no exception…..

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We will kick start this sale with undoubtedly the most desirable and beautiful Macallan 55 year old in Lalique. Bottled in 2007 as part of Macallan’s prestigious ongoing calibration with Lalique, this is the second release and like it’s predecessor the packaging compliments the craft of both Macallan & Lalique. The Whisky itself contains stock significantly older than the stated 55 years and represents the very best of long aged Macallan, a depth of flavour, complexity and integration between wood and distillery character that very few spirits ever achieve. With only 420 decanters released worldwide this is a great opportunity to acquire one of the greatest Macallan’s of all time.

Back down to planet earth we have an amazing collection of Glenmorangie’s collected over a period of years by the vendor. The collection consists of over 50 different high end releases and variations that don’t appear very often. You will find two 30 year olds, one from an Oloroso Sherry Cask and another from a Malaga Cask. Two Managers Choice, one from 1981 & another from 1987. A whole host of Wood Finishes – 1993 Truffle Oak, 1993 Bur Oak, 1988 Madeira, Cote De Beaune, 1981 Sauternes, 1975 & 1978 Tain L’Hermitage, 25 year old Malaga, Claret, Cognaq, Chateau De Meursault, White Rum. More beauties include vintages from 1971, 1972, 1974, 1977, 1979 and many single casks and special bottlings that were only handed out. In addition to this collection we have a commemorative Glenmorangie that was specially laid down on January 21st 1976 when British Airways Concorde flew it’s first passenger flight. There were less than 1000 bottles drawn at natural cask strength of 59.2% and hand signed by Murdoch Reed.

This sale is jam packed full of old school bottlings so you might have to bear with us whilst we rattle a few off. Our favourites are by far a collection of Cadenheads White Label Cask Strength, the vendor originally purchased two of each from Oddbins; drank one and kept the other. The collection comprises of Springbank 1965, Macduff 1965, Clynelish 1972, Glen Mhor 1975, Inchgower 1977, Caol Ila 1978, Ardbeg 1978, Dufftown 1979, Glenfarclas 1980, Springbank 1980, Alt A Bhainne 1980 and Glenugie 1980. Also we have a very interesting rarity and unusual 1960’s Cadenhead’s 7 Stars, a vatting of 7 pure malts varying in age from 12 to 20 years old. We have never seen this variation before and it is one of those bottles we will probably never come across again.

Whilst we are talking about Cadenhead I think Rum is well worth a mention as we have plenty in this sale that include Uitvlugt 1974 30 year old from Guyana – Long Pond Estate 1986 18 year old from Jamaica and Barbados 18 year old Green Label.

Rare Malts is in force, highlights are a Hillside 1969 61.9%Glenlochy 1969 59.0%Port Ellen 1978 6nn  – St Magdalene 1970 58.1%Clynelish 1972 57.1% and we have not one but two Brora 1972 58.7%.

Full set of Glendronach batch 9, expressions range from a 1971 41 year old 1995 18 year old. Also a 1971 42 year old from batch 8 and a UK exclusive 1990 23 year old.

Numerous other celebrities starting with its first appearance we have a wonderful Glenfiddich 50 year old from Hart Brothers with only 67 bottles worldwide, along with a Laphroaig 1968,  Glen Moray 1959 Old Pulteney 40 year old Aberlour 30 year old, Glenlivet 12 year old 1960s, Ardbeg 1976 Managers Choice 2391, Celtic Hartlands Highland Park 1967, Macallan 1968, Brora 1972 CC early (1992) and late 1990s (1997) Ledaig 1972 James MacArthurTalsiker 1956 & 1958, Springbank 1967 32 year old Signatory, Remy Martin Cognac 1960s, Glenlivet 1940, Glenlivet 1961, Linkwood 1939, Linkwood 1954, Glen Grant 1960, Glen Grant 1956 50 year old, and not forgetting a haul of Springbank from 2005.

Happy Bidding, The Whisky-Online Auctions Team.


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May Whisky Auction Results

Our recent auction delivered some quite remarkable and interesting results.

The obvious standout was of course the Bowmore 1967 Largiemeanoch. This is a bottling of serious renown, considered by those fortunate enough to have tasted it to be one of the greatest Bowmores ever bottled. I had a small dram of it once in France and it’s a drinking experience which will linger long in the mind. Every time this bottling comes to auction it seems to reach new heights, this latest result of £8200 however was beyond even our expectations. It’s a glaring illustration of just how vast the market’s appetite for these kinds of ‘holy grail’ bottlings is these days.

Largiemeanoch 1967 - Cask 2655/6/7

Of the other top end bottles in the sale, perhaps the most interesting result was the Signatory Caol Ila 1974 – bear in mind there were 3000 bottles of this one released – which fetched a whopping £2050. The fact that this particular bottling hardly ever shows up these days and scored a whopping 96 points on Whiskyfun are certainly key contributing factors. Serge likes to play down the impact his scores have but with plenty other 1974 Caol Ilas out there around the £200-300 mark, this particular result says it all. This result also demonstrates the continued sharp rise in prices for old Signatory bottlings. There were some incredible releases put out by Signatory since its first series in 1988, collectors are now starting to get pretty serious about acquiring the rarer and more sought after ones. The 1967 Laphroaig for £1500 is another good example of this trend.

Elsewhere the Bowmore Bicentenary cask strength climbed up to an impressive £2400 – nice to see this great bottling starting to pick up real steam at auction. The G&M CASK Caol Ila 1968 saw an impressive result at £1600, this is another textbook example of sublime liquid driving bidders into a bit of a frenzy. If you’ve tasted this one you’ll understand.

Once again there were consistent results for the old Macallans, the 1965 17 year old in particular performed very well with a final price of £1200. The Bowmore Sea Dragon 30 year old was back up at the £1000 mark and the Sherriff’s Ship Label also did well at £1150. To think these bottles were going for around a quarter of that price not too long ago. Interestingly the Laphroaig 19.0 190th anniversary edition seemed like a bit of a bargain at £825 given the bottle’s trading history but there you go, there’s always a few in each sale.

Bowmore 30 Year Old - Sea Dragon
Bowmore 30 Year Old – Sea Dragon – Bottle Performance (August 2013 – June 2016)

Other impressive results amongst independent releases were the Longmorn 1969 G&M CASK for £775 – this series is another one going from strength to strength these days – and the Dead Whisky Banff 37 year old hitting £700. Talking of strength to strength, the unboxed, somewhat tatty Laphroaig 15 year old from the 1980s that didn’t have a terrific fill level still wound up at £650. Still, this one was bottled in 1985, so when you do the maths… £650 for a late 1960s distilled Laphroaig isn’t too bad. It’s quite remarkable to see just how quickly these old official Laphroaigs have shot up over the past year.

Auction Results

Another indy bottler that just seems to get ever more popular at auction these days is Cadenhead. The 1962 Convalmore finished up at £550. I think we’re now seeing buyers really waking up to just how special and incredible so many of these great old independent bottlings are. It seems they’re now sadly becoming out of reach of all but the deeper pockets. Not so bad if you’re sitting on a few and looking to sell though…

Further down the auction there were a fair few bargains as well, a 1963 Moncreiff’s Aberlour for £205 looks like a steal. As does £185 for a 1975 Cooper’s Choice Springbank. In fact if you browse around under the £100 mark there are still numerous terrific bottles for drinking that finished up at reasonable prices. So, for those that decry spiralling prices and whisky being out of reach, I’d say look at auctions around the £70-100 bracket and you’ll find numerous wonderful drams. I’ll take the Dewar Rattray Caol Ila 1982 25 year old for £97.50 please.

So, overall a pretty juicy sale with some terrific results and the usual smattering of bargains. Until next time…

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